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Are you tired of the endless scroll of negativity on social media? Do you want to take control of your mental well-being and make the most of your screen time?


Introducing Subliminize – Your Personal Mental Wellness Companion.

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what is subliminize

What is Subliminize?

Subliminize is your gateway to a more positive and mindful online experience. Our app empowers you to harness the power of positive affirmations while you engage with your favorite content on the web.

How Does It Work?

Easy and Quick Set Up

choose your subliminize message

Choose Your Messages

Select from our library of 100 positive affirmation messages that resonate with you.

choose your pace on subliminize app

Set Your Own Pace

Customize message duration, interval, and session duration to match your preferences.

personalize experience on subliminze app

Personalize Your Experience

Tailor your app with font color and size options that suit your style.

boost mental welnness on subliminize app

Boost Your Mental Wellness

Start a session, and Subliminize will discreetly deliver your chosen affirmations, helping you stay positive and focused, even during Netflix binges or YouTube marathons.

Counteract Negative Influences

Say goodbye to doom scrolling and hello to a more uplifting online experience.

Boost Your Confidence

Positive affirmations have been shown to enhance self-esteem and motivation.

Mindful Multitasking

Maximize your time by nurturing your mental well-being while enjoying your favorite content.

Manifest Destiny

Take control of your mind and rewire it for positive outcomes

Client Testimonials

“Easy to use app. It helps me counteract any negative sentiments online. Keeps me balanced.”
“Corporate media puts a lot of messages and propaganda in their content. Subliminize is a great way to take control of that and have the messages that I want entering my mind”
"Definitely a cool concept. I am at least enjoying to know that my mind is being fed messages that I choose. However, I do want the option of writing my own messages”

Join Us Today!

Take the first step toward a more positive and empowered online journey. Download Subliminize now and unlock the potential of your subconscious mind.

Start your journey to a brighter mindset with Subliminize.

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